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work put in and released:

hardtimes magazine 2020

issue #5

*tba tbc tbd

hardtimes magazine 2018 

issue # 4
free download link

interviews with Ken Lawrence of Pure acid mixtapes, dj Narotic, dj Prolifix and Menphisto! articles by Steve fresh and Cheapcore Charlie! dj Plague for Canadian speedcore resistance records, art by M27, music reviews and this and that

hardtimes magazine 2017 

issue # 3 

free download link
interviews with Bombardier and dj N2O! articles by Julie dstroy and Steve fresh! Penpointred for Reactionary records, art by Snafu, music reviews and way more

hardtimes magazine 2015 

issue # 2  

free download link
interviews with R.A.W and dj Teknoman! articles by Deadly buda and Steve fresh. dj Fukmup for Fukdup records, music reviews and  more

hardtimes magazine 2004 

issue # 1 

free download link
interviews with Lenny dee and dj Louis love! articles by dj Tron (rip), k-Os, Adjust for Low res records, record reviews and more